The Miracle Mile Paradox

This summer, the Transmedia L.A. Group will bring us an educative Alternate Reality Game called „The Miracle Mile Paradox“.

The Los Angeles based Transmedia Storytelling Group Transmedia LA meets on a regularly basis similar to our Berlin based Transmedia Storytelling group. After meetings with experts and talks they decided to bring in another aspect of gathering and education: They want to organize and Alternate Reality Game which goes by the name of “The Miracle Mile Paradox”. Have a look at the following video to see for yourself. You’ll get to know Rexford Higgs, that some of you might already know because of his Enchanting & Obsoletus blog.

Rex’ attention and love is allways drawn to old and antic objects which he gathers. He also loves to find out these objects’ little secrets like how do these mechanical wonders work.Though this time he needs your help. He has dug out some rather antique looking blueprints with a description of an old machine and how it can be build. In case to build this machine, he needs some money to buy all the things needed. Without knowing what this machine exactly is for he starts a crowdfunding campaign to gather the needed money and you can help him out. Just go the the following Kickstarter page of „The Miracle Mile Paradox“ and help him with a little backing up.

Let’s hope that this machine doesn’t change the world as we know it. And as if this wasn’t enough at all there seem to be people already interested in what he has found. Can they be trusted? And will Rex finally be able to build this machine that seems to be a time converter of some kind? Keep your eyes open!