Set Sail! – The Pirates Society is gathering again

Now we have the absolute certainty that the Pirates Society is back and they are gathering their strength again. It appears that the 48ers have formed up again, too, planning their next „big thing“. What are they really up to? What dark plans are they concoting this time? Can the Pirates Society stopp the 48ers once more with the help of the players?

If you want to be a pirate, too, you can register yourself on the website of the Pirates Society ( While you are Boarding you will be asked for an Admission Code, but don’t give up hope, if you don’t have an admission code, you don’t need to enter one. You will be given one after the boarding-process.

This time all revolves about a young man who goes by the name of Nils von Habermann. He is a polar scientist and works for anArctic-Institute. Therefore he had already been on one or the other expedition when he got to know about some strange contradictions and incidents. So he decided to contact a good friend, Frank Weiss, who is also working for the Arctic-Institute in Rostock.

Weiss himself doesn’t know how to handel the video message and contacts the Pirates Society to help him. The Pirates Society was already tracking some incidents and so they see some similarities between those incidents. That’s why they are gathering their members already. In his first message to his crew, Julius Grüneberger welcomes the many new members. He seems to be concerned about the things that will come and that their way may not be an easy way. He also speaks about some of the recent incidents and about the first casualties that the Pirates Society had to take.

After watching his message, it is definitely clear why the Pirates Society has to gather their strength again. Maybe Nils von Habermann has more information that can help the Pirates Society in their fight against the 48ers. After all Nils had hidden some more things in his package for Frank. In addition to the videomessage there was a bag of sweets contained in the package. Some of them were wrapped up with a small piece of paper where Nils had written on some messages. It appears that one of those messages was a pair of geocoordinates. Those point to a place in cologne so that’s why Julius is asking his crew members to keep an eye at that location.